Long Island

What You Need To Know About Visiting Long Island, New York

Whether you are just traveling 30 minutes up the road or 300 miles, Long Island is without a doubt one of the most misunderstood islands. Regardless, if you have ever stepped foot in the place or not, you probably have already heard a lot of abundant rumors that have turned you off from visiting the city many times. Well, there is no doubt that some of the rumors you have heard are true, but the majority of them are just people blowing smoke. Long Island is an ideal vacation spot for anyone looking for a great time and a location with amazing historical sights.

Check Out The Hamptons 

The Hamptons is one of the most iconic vacation spot in Long Island, as it a well know hotspot for the rich and famous. With miles and miles of stunning beaches, beautiful women, historic museums, and the annual summer crowd, this location is absolutely worth checking out. Even if you don’t consider yourself rich and famous, you should stop by and pay a visit to this destination.

Ideal For Golfing Enthusiasts

Whether you are a golfing enthusiast or you just like the occasional 18-hole, you will find a course to suit your needs in Long Island. While there are several private and public courses, the most notable has to be the Black Course, which was home to the US Open in 2009.

Picturesque Shelter Island 

If you are looking to snap a few shots to make your friend back at home jealous, you have to stop by Shelter Island. You can snap some of the most beautiful and picturesque photos that will have your friends and family swooning. The island is located between the north and south forks of Long Island and is just a short ferry ride away. Once you reach this amazing island, you can walk along the beach, rent a bike, waste the entire weekend just exploring this amazing spot.

Surfs Up At Montauk

There is a reason that Montauk was named one of the top 10 surf towns in America in 2009. With gorgeous sand and surf, this laid-back island is beautiful, features a water spa, and offers some of the most amazing backdrops that you will find in the United States. If you truly want to take a bite out of history, you can check out the historic Montauk Lighthouse, which was commissioned by George Washington himself. The lighthouse is open to the public and is home to many great tours that the family can partake in.


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